Remarcx supports end-users and contractors in the process industry.
This can be in general in all technical areas, but in particular in the field of industrial process control and manufacturing automation.
For consultancy and project management at all phases of a project, Remarcx is your partner.
Remarcx assists technically, financially and organizationally as support and advisor of the client.

Focus is on executing in one go after proper initial investigation. This provides a production process with a higher efficiency and minimal waste and use of energy and water:

Success through Right First Time.


Remarcx combines years of international experience and knowledge at end-users and suppliers. This is vertically from operator on the floor and department manager to plant manager. In horizontal direction to other technical disciplines in a project team and procurement. When necessary in depth to the level of the technicians, joining the detailed engineering.

Via the broad technical and process knowledge, the total extension or improvement project will be clearly managed and explained to the end-user per phase. Gray areas are actively identified, prioritized and assigned together with all parties involved.


Performing a health check: How healthy is your production automation.

Master plan: Expansion , migration or upgrade vision development to get stable and reproducible a production process. Produce more flexible with a constant quality at less costs.

Consultant or project manager in expansion or new construction projects.
Especially the possibilities and impossibilities of production automation, which are elusive for many, can be made ​​transparent and supervised.

In the aftercare, follow-up or improvement phase Remarcx provides support by tackling and addressing bottlenecks, improvement and losses together with the production team.
This can be on-site on the floor and remotely via available internet communication tools
Support is not limited to the automation level, but improvements may also relate to man, machine and method.

For who

Small and medium-sized companies in the process industry and in particular the food industry not having sufficient specific knowledge in the field of process control and multidisciplinary communication.
Multinationals who seek additional temporary capacity.

Next step

Remarcx is available on project and consulting basis in the flexible workforce.
We can contact each other to discuss the needs and discuss our skills and expertise to match the demand. Our expertise can be demonstrated in a personal interview.
For now or later later use.


Consultancy & Project management Industrial Process Control and Process Improvements